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Harvest Market


Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Kevin Ervin Kelley - Principal
Design Type: Retail
Company / Organization / School: Shook Kelley
Team Members: Jon Cairns Aida de la Rosa Sabrina Fan Jennifer Kim Mokgadi Mokgobu Jonathan Olguin Michael Powell Denise Ramos Jennifer Reynolds

Harvest Market is a new brand that promises to more directly connect consumers with real farmers and producers who make their food, tell farmer stories and share knowledge about the production and growing process. Communications throughout the store include playful and timeless farm phrases set against dramatic and reverent farm imagery. Tonality is focused on attention to detail, craft and an honest day’s work. The brand speaks humbly and/or humorously but authoritatively, with the resourcefulness and knowledge of a real farmer. The brand’s goal is to honor the past, and look to the future. Harvest Market represents the contemporary farm—not a hokey nostalgic farm of the past. So graphics and communications needed to create a distinctly forward-looking and modern interpretation of farm iconography, rather than a purely rustic or sentimental approach. Traditional symbols and landscapes are interpreted with stripped-down modern simplicity and geometric forms, representing landscapes, fields and crops with dramatic abstractions and clean lines. Materials and forms are modern, with bright vibrant pops of color that interpret “farm” through a contemporary lens.