WEAR Design



Are you designing in materials, textiles, fabrics, tech clothing or wearables for use on the human body? Are you on a quest to build more function into well-fashioned forms, to solve problems and improve the life of the wearer, end user or maker?

Then show us your stuff!

Spark’s 12th Annual Official Call For Entry is live. Come on in, join the fun!

Spark WEAR is about the things we wrap ourselves and our world in. It’s not about simply fashion, but it certainly can be fashionable apparel or accessories. Your WEAR design can be the process, the materials, the means or the final product—a design that creates or enables, like a maker’s new printer. And be sustainable, minimize textile waste, use fewer and benign components and show off your creativity. And if you have something unique, let us know. We’d like to see your work.

This is a bold new world. Glad you’re in it. Show us your Sparks!

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