General Category Fees


General Category Entry Fees

These General Category fees are specifically for: Concept Pro Design; Experience & Service Design; Health & Medical Design; Product Design; PROTO Design, Spaces Design (Architecture, Interiors & Urban) and Transport Design.

Fee Structure

Spark works hard to provide the best value of any of the major international design awards, as well as having the most modern competition criteria. We usually have lower fees than the other major design awards—in many comparisons Spark is less than half the cost of those competitions, when all their fees are added up. We urge all designers to research and inform themselves about these facts.

These categories have a multi-part entry fee system. There is the initial registration fee (we call it the Phase 1 fee); then, after administrative review and the entry is considered Qualified, there a second, Phase 2 fee. Only the Qualified entrants pay this. To be judged and/or an official winner, both of these fees must be paid in full.

The Winners Service fee has been eliminated for 2017.

1. Phase 1 General Entry Fee
Early: US$225
Standard: US$345
Late: US$425

2. Phase 2 Fee

3. Winners Fee

4. Series or Campaign Fee
Multiple, related entries, like a family of kitchen appliances, may be submitted with a single registration. The series fee is an additional US$175 one-time surcharge, for any number of additional pieces.

Payment Method

Payments are made directly to our secure online registration page. We accept the following credit cards: VISA Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club and Discover.  In special circumstances, Spark can also accept payment via Paypal and bank wire with their standard service charges and by check (USA checks only).

All dates and fees subject to change. Fees are due upon initial registration and if selected, upon notification of Finalist and Winner status. Refunds are available, up to 6 weeks prior to final deadline.

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