Erica Negron

Erica Negron, Industrial Designer, Umbach Consulting Group, LLC

Erica designed an aquatic posture therapy wearable vest for Postura, and recently, as part of the design team, a simulation shirt for Cardionics which integrated smart technology (RFID cluster tags) to support auscultation training of medical personal. Other team projects include concept design and prototype fabrication for 10-20 positioning EEG electrode headband used for sleep studies and a digital kid’s glove for game invention that integrates haptic feedback with palm pressure sensors. She is currently designing hybrid hiking and aquatic transitional footwear and other athletic footwear.

Erica began studying industrial design at California State University in Long Beach and then transferred to the University of Houston ID program where she earned her BS in Industrial Design. Erica also specializes in adult swim instruction, hey, it’s hot in Houston!