Brian Matt

Brian Matt, Founder & Principal Director, Altitude Accenture

“Altitude Accenture recognizes that human-centered innovation is the key to client’s growth in the 21st century. The Altitude product Innovation Studio is the centerpiece serving clients in the Consumer Goods, Industrial, Life Sciences, and Retail industries. Together, we help clients create innovative new products, services, experiences and businesses in an age of smart, connected products and environments. We create a company’s future with commercialization at scale and speed.”

Founder & Chairman, Altitude, Inc.

“Since 1992, Altitude has been a collective of creative thinkers united in a common purpose: to bring our clients business success. As the founder and leader, I believe that true innovation arises when talent and spirited intellectual engagement meet business acumen and a deep understanding of consumer needs and desires. Our expertise in design strategy, design innovation, product realization, and brand expression allows us to help clients clearly define their goals, differentiate themselves from competitors, lessen their impact on the environment, and offer solutions that are wholly relevant to consumers.”