Angela Yeh

Angela Yeh, Founder & Chief Talent Strategist, Yeh Ideology

Angela is an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and educator on Talent Innovation in the space of Design & Strategy. With over two decades of design recruitment experience, she is the Founder and Chief Talent Strategist of Yeh IDeology. A talent strategies consulting & recruitment firm specializing in intrapreneurial change agents in the category of design, strategy & innovation. Past collaborators include Samsung, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Microsoft, Clorox, and GE Healthcare as well as top design strategy firms such as IDEO, Continuum, and Smart Design. With her BA in Psychology and MS in Industrial Design, Angela’s developed an innate ability to identify & match synergies between talent and opportunities. Innovation can be a catalyst for company-wide transformation, but only if you have the right talent. What employers don’t realize is that you have to be strategic in your approach with talent to identify and retain the best and brightest. The secret to a successful creative workforce is mutual growth, and Angela is compelled to share this methodology with the world. Her philosophy is simple: “Design relationships that connect deeply on all levels of talent, purpose & culture for all parties and what will be produced will be exponentially successful and lasting.”