Edmund Ng

Edund Ng, Partner, Koncept Inc.
Edmund is the co-founder of Koncept Inc., a Southern California based LED lighting manufacturer. Originally from Hong Kong, Edmund immigrated with his family to the US at the age of 11. Edmund earned his Bachelor’s degree from UCLA and a graduate degree from Stanford University, where he received his strong engineering background. Growing up with seasoned Industrial designer Peter Ng for 40 years, his father’s upbringing has also provided Edmund with a thorough understanding of industrial design and the manufacturing process.

With the required knowledge and family support, Edmund founded Koncept with his brother, Kenneth Ng, in 2002 to bring innovative products to the market. Koncept’s designs have been known for their unique functionalities with an understated approach to style. Over the years, Edmund has received numerous product design awards including the 2016 iF design awards, Japan’s JDP Good Design Award and Spark Design Award for their Gravy LED Desk Lamp design. In 2015 iF awards and Spark Awardsfor both Mr. N LED table lamp and Lady 7 LED desk lamp.