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Welcome To Spark MAKR Design!

Here’s the new design competition for all Makers, with an emphasis on a modern design sensibility, practicality, business sense and scalability.

This category will value work presented in a high state of finish and tolerances. Working models are encouraged. As always the general Spark Criteria will guide the judges. The Spark General Criteria may be found >HERE

MAKR will be judged this year during the Business of Design week in Hong Kong.

Spark MAKR Purpose:

a.) Encourage everyone to become design/makers and actually solve problems—from small problems in daily life to big problems like environmental issues.

b.) Highlight problems that are worth solving for human/nature/earth and solve them by exploring, experimenting and discovering all kinds of creative possibilities.

c.) Emphasize good and sustainable design in the maker process

Visit today and enter your most sophisticated work. The world is waiting!

PS: The iconic poster above is the famous WW2-era “We Can Do It!” by J. Howard Miller

2.Evaluation Standards

a.) Innovation
– What’s the essential and innovative part of your project and why?
– Is it a problem that worth solving and why?
– What is the benefit for humanity?
– Tell us what excited you about this project.

b.) Designer’s Perspective
– What was your design process?
– Have you tried to explore different types solutions?
– Is it an experimental project for you and why?
– Is it functional/working model?
– What’s your design language?
– What are your design principles?
– Share how you did observation of people’s behavior?

c.) Engineer’s Perspective
– How many tools e.g. software/hardware you used and why?
– Did you use any new applications of existing tools– e.g. the new way to use 3D printer?
– Do you come up with your own tools during the project?
– Throughout whole project, did you need any support from expert or others help?
– Can you share what’s the difference between thinking like an engineer and thinking like a designer?

d.) Business Angle
– What’s the value proposition of the project?
– Does the project have any business and marketing potential and why?
– Do you have a business strategy for the future?
– Can it go into production and how would that happen?
– Imagine the situation. Because of this project, you have start-up now. What’s your plan? How do you set up the team and how many people you need? Where is the office location and why did you choose it?

The Spark Awards have two major guiding criteria
1. Does the design Spark? Break new ground? Is it a new idea? Creation or refinement? Does it communicate well? Are the graphics clear and compelling? Does it pop?
2. Does it improve the quality of life? Contribute to understanding, efficiency, joy, longevity, progress? Does it sustain or conserve our Earth’s limited resources?

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