Peter Boeckel

Peter Boeckel, Design  Manager, Steelcase Asia Pacific
Peter oversees the Steelcase Asia Pacific design team and is based in their Hong
Kong design studio. As design manager, he leads the product design team in Hong Kong,
working closely with product development and engineering teams in Kuala Lumpur and
Dongguan. Design at Steelcase goes beyond a physical-object-centric approach. Peter
directs from real, tangible insights and research within a focused team, while at the same
time managing abstract, creative concepts.

Originally from Germany, Peter’s design perspective transcends cultures, borders and
industries, and he has been consistently recognised by his peers. As an industrial designer,
Peter has been decorated with numerous awards and honours from RedDot, iF, CES
Innovations and the Raymond Loewe Foundation.

Peter has always based himself professionally in Asia, with the exception of a 6 month
posting to Michigan, where he worked on a strategic project in the seating category. His
close work with the Steelcase design management team furnished him with a broader,
global perspective.

Throughout his career, Peter has worked within multicultural environments, from large
multinational companies to the start-up environment. This experience has afforded him a
rich understanding of cultural nuances. Peter’s passion for design leadership has developed
as he has built and led multi-disciplinary and diverse design teams.

In his spare time, Peter is an intrepid traveller who enjoys both the physical challenge of
mountain biking and the cognitive challenge of new personal projects.