Dreamer Design: Concept, MAKR & PROTO Jury

This is an exciting new set of categories that we call the Spark Dreamer Design group. All three areas, Concept, MAKR and PROTO concern designs that are not in production. But they are in varying stages a step towards a new reality, a creative advance beginning with a raw idea in Concept, a working model in MAKR and a refined, almost finished presentation in PROTO. Great stuff!

As always, Spark Concept will be mostly student work, although we often have a professional submit recent concepts as well. And now students as well as pros may enter MAKR and PROTO as well, if they appropriate materials.

We have a great jury in development, which will take place in Hong Kong December 5, during the Business of Design Week. Here’s the team to date:

Dreamer Design Team (Concept, MAKR & PROTO Design)
KwanMyoung Kim, Dean, Graduate Industrial Design, UNIST
An Luo, President, Asia Pacific, TEAMS Design Consulting
Doyoung Kim, Founder, Designsori