Just Send Us Your Best Work

Spark has created a very open entry system, for every type of design. Thus, we have listed a large number of categories and disciplines and awards for all of them. Sometimes, a design may even fit more than one category.

Yes—the choices can be overwhelming. But don’t worry too much about choosing the “best” one when registering. Everything is judged on its merits.

Designs are not judged within a category, but rather, in the context of our Criteria. There are no rigid divisions—categories are listed here so a designer feels that their work is appropriate and welcome. We can have any number of winners—or none in any given area. All depends on the entry’s qualities and the design sensibility of jury. That’s why we work hard to find tough, fair and collegial judges.

Here are the general categories or disciplines. Within each major grouping, various sub-categories and disciplines may be found by clicking a link below. Each of the following Awards will have its own winners, ranging from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Spark!

Social Cause Design
All disciplines are accepted

Communication Design
Identity, logos
Print: publishing, advertising, outdoor & direct mail
Packaging: for all packaging types and media
Wayfinding, informational kiosks & terminals
Web and interactive
Film & Video
Virtual Reality Content

Concept Pro & Student Design (Spring & Fall Semesters)
All disciplines are welcomed

Experience & Service Design
All disciplines may enter

Health & Medical Design
All medical & health-related devices, systems and facilities

MAKR Design (new!)
For all Makers, with an emphasis on modern design, practicality and scalability

Product Design (Spring & Fall Awards)
Leisure, sports, health & outdoor recreation
Industrial & consumer tools & equipment
General consumer goods & appliances
Kitchen & bath

Proto Design (new!)
For all designs in prototype phase (especially those seeking funding-related publicity)

Spaces Design (Architecture, Interior & Urban)
Public Architecture
Interior design & architecture, living spaces
Community planning & design

Transport Design
Air, marine & space
Mass transit & transportation

WEAR Design
Materials, textiles, fabrics, tech clothing
Leisure, sports, health, well-being & outdoor recreation
Wearable Tech, smart watches
Security, Privacy
Fitness & Sports Tech
3D Printing & maker tools

Note: the Spark categories have been established to provide a helpful way for designers to describe and organize their entry. If the jury feels that an entry would be better served in another, it may move that entry.

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