Why Enter

Because Spark is all about you. We share and promote your love of great design, creativity, craft and innovation. We think design can make a difference, but that good design demands fierce dedication to sustainability. We see design as problem-solving, and your work as solutions. And Spark is here to help you get more and do more—more clients, assignments and problems to solve.

If you’re looking for exposure to new business opportunities and information, the Spark Awards are your perfect medium. Spark reaches thousands of passionate innovators, business people and designers in old and new markets alike. Already a force in the US and Europe, Spark has a strong presence in the hottest growth markets in the world, including China, India, Korea and Taiwan—giving your designs an aggressive position in this fast-paced environment.

Spark winners are published in the new Spark Annual and in Korea’s Creative World of Design Competitions, exhibited by invitation in multiple countries and archived in permanent galleries right here on the web. The Spark Awards have very active communities at Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We are engaged in an ongoing promotion of our designer’s work, both entrants and winners alike. It is our only business, and we love to do it well.

Spark has a brave and modern outlook on sustainability and resource usage that resonates with young designers and policymakers—and reinforces your marketing and job-seeking efforts. We all know things have to improve, and fast. The first step is recognizing that–and the second is exchanging information, ideas and efforts. This is what the Spark design competition is all about. Getting it out there. Join us today.