Spark Spaces includes Architecture, Interiors and Urban Planning and Design, Landscape, among others.

For all the Spark competitions, we have tried to create a very open entry system, for every possible type of design within the disciplines covered. Thus, we have listed a large number of categories. Sometimes, a design may even fit more than one category. Don’t worry about choosing the “best” one when registering. Everything is judged on its merits.

Designs are not judged within a category, but rather, in the context of our Criteria. There are no rigid divisions—categories are listed here so a designer feels that their work is appropriate and welcome. We can have any number of winners—or none in any given area. All depends on the work, and the design sensibility of jury. That’s why we work hard to find tough, fair and collegial judges.

Architecture, working spaces
Architecture, living spaces
Re-Builds & Restoration (showing before & after)
Convention centers, sports arenas, places of worship
Building technology, automation
Building Components
HVAC systems
Windows and treatments
Guidance and Orientation Systems
Security and safety
Public Architecture
Interior design
Universal access systems
Temporary structures
Exhibits, Pavilions and exhibitions
Informational and transactional kiosks and terminals
Infrastructure, urban planning and design
Public lighting
Arches, bridges, viaducts and gateways
Landmarks, symbolic structures, memorials
Public spaces, parks, vistas, plazas
Pedestrian walkways, amenities
Transit systems: road, air, rail and marine
Community planning and design
Green, carbon-lowering and environmental
EcoDesign, recycling, re-use, restoration, revitalization and waste disposal
Universal access

Note: the Spark categories have been established to provide a helpful way for designers to describe and organize their entry. If the jury feels that an entry would be better served in another, it may move that entry.