Product Jury


Spark is honored to present a jury of very talented judges for our ninth competition. Every year the jury is new, gathered with the help of our Jury Chairs, Advisers and Community members. The Jurors come from across the spectrum of design disciplines, media, educators and experts.

The 2015 Spark Product Jury will apply the Spark Mission and Criteria and bring the highest standards to the task of selecting Spark’s Finalists and Winners.

The Spark Product Design Jury is being assembled and includes to date:

Jury Mentor— Tania Aldous, Vice President of Design, World Kitchen LLC
Jury Chair— John Guenther, Industrial Design Graduate Studies Instructor, Academy of Art University & former Design Director, Hewlett Packard
Beat Karrer, Principal, Studio Beat Karrer GmbH & Managing Director, Fluidsolids
Josh Handy, Vice President Global Product Experience, method products
Lukas Scherrer, Principal, Shibuleru Design
Colin Owen, CEO, SPARSE
Jim Shook, Principal, Shook Design