Concept Jury


Deep in the planning process for the juries for this year, Spark has announced some exciting news. The Spark Design Awards have eight competitions in all, with juries being held in San Francisco, Los Angeles and now, Shenzhen, China. Administrators are holding the Spark Concept Design jury in Shenzhen, to be followed by the Spark Asia Winners Celebration on the next day.

The jury will take place at the China (Shenzhen) International Industrial Design Fair (SZIDF), on November 30.

Spark is honored to present:
Jury Co-Chair, Arnold Wasserman, Chairman, Collective Invention, USA
Jury Co-Chair, Prof. Tong Huiming, Dean, School of Innovation, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China
Sally Dominguez, Principal, NEST Design, Australia
Prof. Soon-in Lee, Dean, International Design Advanced Studies, Hongik University, South Korea
Ravi Sawhney, Principal, RKS Design, USA
Sawoozer Wang, Design Director & Principal, +AKITIPE, Taiwan
Prof. Renke He, Dean, Hunan University School of Design, China
Hari Nair, Global Director, Consumer Design & Advanced Design, Whirlpool Corporation, USA
Lee Chi-Wing, Design Director, Milk Design, Hong Kong