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Welcome to the 10th Anniversary of the Spark Design Awards!

The Spark Awards are an exciting competition created to promote great design and it’s talented designers. These events are focused tightly on design categories and disciplines. So come on in—join the Community and enter your best designs. The world’s greatest designs have a home at Spark.

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We believe design is a critical tool to accelerate human progress. Our Criteria are modern and compelling. If you or your organization create great designs, don’t miss the opportunity to compete in these important events.

Designers, art directors, architects, engineers, teachers, design firms, manufacturers, institutions, ad agencies and entrepreneurs may enter, interact and enjoy Sparking.

To register and enter the competitions, just click on the “Register” button in the top bar of this page. Please read the links on page right, and our FAQ’s for further information. If you’re stuck, send us an email with the Contact form above or call: +1.914.481.6106

May the hottest Sparks win!

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