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Year Eight

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Nine Color Deer, Spark
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Hot Town—Summer In the City!
Hi Folks—we hope you are well and creating some neat designs. We have a very busy season starting soon, so this will be short & sweet. 

First, The Great Country To Our North, Canada—
Has decided to get tough with all the orgs around the world that communicate by email newsletters—like this one. So, if you are a Canadian, sorry, but you must confirm in writing via email that you wish to continue to receive Spark news.

Power Juries—
We have been recruiting some great Jurors for the 8th Annual Spark Awards. Among this exciting lineup is Dr. Gorden Wagener, head of Daimler Design (Mercedes-Benz).

Gorden Wagener Photo by Michael Dannenmann 

Gordon assumes the duty of Spark Transport Design Chair, joining Chris Chapman, head of US design for Hyundai, Terence Young, architect for iconic airports like SFO International and Klaus Tritschler, head of design for ICON Aircraft.

With 42 jurors so far, we can’t list everyone here, so please visit Spark and check them out. All great design talents and we’re honored that they could join the Bench!

More Jury News—
We are very chuffed to announce our first jury in Asia. We are holding the Spark Concept Design jury in Shenzhen, to be followed by the Spark Asia Winners Celebration on the next day. The host for this dual event is the China International Industrial Design Fair (SZIDF), on November 30. There will be jurors from the US, South Korea, China, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan and as always, entries from around the world.

Time To Prep Your Entries—
September seems a long way off, but it’s coming at us like a fast freight train. And all the Spark Pro competitions have their Standard Deadline on September 22. (Late deadline is October 10.) So it makes good sense to prepare your entries sooner rather than later.

Big Ol’ Texas Coupon—
To do our part and encourage you to “beat the rush,” we’re offering a very limited time coupon, good for 25%-off for any of the 8 Spark Competitions. The coupon is valid until August 31.

Our friends at the IDSA—
Are hosting “The Exchange,” their national conference beginning August 13. It’s open to all designers, so head on down to Austin, Texas. Spark will be there, eating up scrumptious BBQ and fine design.

In honor of this great event, the 25%-off coupon code is IDSA-EXCHANGE

Student & Educator Alert—
August 1 marks the beginning of the Fall Semester entry period. The discount Earlybird entry rates end on August 31, so get your entries organized and registered before that date, if you want to save some bucks.

This is the 8th year of Spark, and Spark is excited to announce the Call For Entries for 8 competitions and 8 all new juries. These include Spark Experience, Spark Product, Spark Transport, Spark Graphic, Spark Spaces, Spark Health, Spark Screen and Spark Concept & Student Design. To find out more, please visit the website.