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Winter, 2014
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Spark Toasts Winners At Celebration 1/30/14

Seventh Year of Spark Design Awards Ends on a High Note
We always look forward to the Spark Celebration. It signifies that another cycle has been completed, a new group of innovative designs have been gathered and we’re about to meet many of their designers in person.

Good food, good company and great design will all be at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco, from 6 to 9pm. Everyone who loves design is welcome!

AllSpark Awards, Too!
The Celebration is also where the “Bests of the Best” are announced. These awards are given to three winning designs from 2013 that epitomize the Spark mission—Design For Betterment. The three awards are all of the same level and may come from any of our seven competitions. They are chosen by alumni  Spark Jurors from 2007 to present.

Design luminary Arnold Wasserman is the AllSpark Jury chair and our host. Arnold teaches at Carnegie-Mellon and is part of the Collective Invention consulting team.

The winners were the BMW i8, Design Lead Benoit Jacob; Door to Door For Change, Lea Ward, Creative Director and heart 2b, designer Junyoung Park.

December Was So China
Every December finds Sparks Over China. We mounted our first public exhibition of the 2013 Spark winners, and for added spice, we had 2011 and 2012 winners in the show as well. Mitchell Mauk designed the lovely pavilion, which was one of the highlights of the fair.

The CIIDF organizer was the Shenzhen Industrial Design Association, who pulled everything together in only two months. SIDA announced that over 150,000 visitors attended the 15,000 sm event. Spark was the #1 pavilion of 176 exhibitors and has been invited back for the 2014 “International Design Fair.”

Spark also attended the annual meeting of the Global Design Network in Hong Kong.

Kajsa Bengtson,

“The GDN  is the best forum of its kind in the world,” said Peter Kuchnicki, Spark Director. “And it had a new format this year and it really delivered a well-rounded program.”

CORE77 Design Awards Call For Entry
Our media partner, CORE77 has announced a March 20 deadline for their exciting design competition. We encourage you to check out their 17 entry categories and learn more about the program >HERE

Spark Plans For 2014—Time To Grow
Last season, Spark tested the feasibility of highly focused competitions for different design disciplines and categories. The results are clear. Measured in number of entries, Spark grew nearly 50% over 2012.

For 2014, we will continue to explore new directions:

ŸŸ-We have launched Spark Health, focused on health and medical related designs
-We have launched Spark Screen, design delivered on a screen
-Spark Communication will be renamed Spark Graphic
-The Spark Call For Entry now begins January 1st, so the Eighth Annual Spark Awards have commenced!

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