Credits, Kudos & Caveats

We’d like to thank the many volunteers who have made the Spark Awards possible. Over the last seven years these folks have given freely of their time, wisdom, hope, enthusiasm and hard work to see Spark become a reality. Thanks to them, we’ve become the home of Sparks. Next up, the Spark 8th Annual Intrnational Awards!

Spark branding, graphic design and yearbook design, Kit Hinrichs, Studio Hinrichs in San Francisco
Website technology and design, Jessie Canon, Pluo Consulting
Award Celebration Host and Senior Adviser, Clark Kellogg, UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business
AllSpark Platinum Awards Jury Chair and Special Guest Host, Arnold Wasserman,, San Francisco
Operations Team Managers, Claire Woolf and Aryn Shelander, San Francisco
Video Production Team, Matt Silverman, Brandon Smith and Kathryn Bodle, Swordfish Productions, San Francisco
Editorial Consultant, Andrew R. Palumbo, New York
Art Directors, Gloria Heik and Myrna Newcomb, San Francisco
Jury Talliesta, Susan Wilhite, Autodesk
Event, Exhibition and Facilities Team, Jason Medal-Katz, Curator, Julia Papapietro, Rick Jones, Albert Hoffman, Jeff Clayton, Don, Warren, Rob and Deborah, from our wonderful host, the Autodesk Gallery, San Francisco
Printing and exhibition display production, RIOT Color San Francisco
The Spark Executive Board and Advisory Councils

Outstanding Spark Award Entries & Winners In Home Screen Rotation

Aiguille Helmet, Spark!, Mathias Hintermann, Art Center
Armloader Vehicle, Gold, Hoyoung Lee, Designsori Academy
BMW I8 Vehicle, Spark!, Design Lead Benoit Jacob, BMW Group
Eye Ring Braille Scanner, Spark!, Yong Jeong, Konkuk University
Gesture Chair, Spark!, Design Team, Steelcase
Haiku Ceiling Fan, Gold, John Noble, Big Ass Fans
House For Marcelo Rios, Gold, Gonzalo Mardones Architect
HTC 8S Windows Mobile Phone, Spark!, Design Team, HTC America Innovation
Interaction of Color App, Spark!, Potion Design Team, Yale University Press & The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation
Living Home India Study Kit, Spark!, Kimberly Chow, Designmatters at Art Center College
Match Hangul Characters Graphics, Silver, Sookwung Lee, Ewha Womans Univerity
Art Center College DOT Launch Logo, Silver, Earl Gee, Gee + Chung Design
Soma Water Filter, Spark!, Joe Tan & Markus Diebel/Moreless, Soma
Volkswagen CAPSUL, Silver, Darko Markovic, Oleg Bazoev & Nicola Trentani, Scuola Politecnia di Design Milano

And everyone’s favorites:
D-Dalus Aircraft, Julian Pröll, Formquadrat GMBH
Karbon Faucet, Spark!, Niels J. Eilmus, Kohler
Jawbone Era Packaging, Gold, Yves Behar & Design Team, fuseproject
Tea-Time Teamaker,  Pengtao Yu, Art Center College
@Issue Magazine, Kit Hinrichs, Studio Hinrichs
Svelte Packaging, Bronze, John Creson & Mily Nguyen, Addis Creson
ICON A5 amphibious sport plane, Design Team,  Icon Aircraft
The BMW Streetcarver Skateboard, winner of the Good Design Award in 2000, Designers: Stephan Augustin, Rudi Mueller, and Mike Nimic, BMW AG, Munich

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