Credits, Kudos & Caveats

We’d like to thank the many volunteers who have made the Spark Awards possible. Over the years these folks have given freely of their time, wisdom, hope, enthusiasm and hard work to see Spark become a reality. Thanks to them, we’ve become the home of Sparks. Next up, the Spark 11th Annual International Awards!

Spark branding, graphic design and yearbook design, Kit Hinrichs, Studio Hinrichs in San Francisco
Website technology and design, Jessie Canon, Pluo Consulting
Director & Senior Adviser, Clark Kellogg, UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business
AllSpark Platinum Awards Chair, Arnold Wasserman,, San Francisco
Jury & Celebration Management Team: Lizzy Johnson, Justin Sisk
Editorial Consultant, Andrew R. Palumbo, New York
Event, Exhibition and Facilities Team, Jason Medal-Katz, Curator, Julia Papapietro, Janice Wong-Perez, Julia Avril, Rick Jones, Albert Hoffman, Don, Warren and Rob, from our wonderful host, the Autodesk Gallery, San Francisco
Printing and exhibition display production, RIOT Color San Francisco and Max Roth
Jury logistics and exhibition shipping—the great team at AO Freight in South San Francisco: Spencer, Erica, Connie, John & Mendy in Hong Kong
The Spark Executive Board and Advisory Councils
The fabulous Spark Jurors from around the world!

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