Dear Winners and Finalists, Too
We are finished with all the judging for the year. As you can see in the other posts, Spark Fall and Winter Awards have now taken place.

This week and next the press release goes out and the Certificates are being readied. So we need YOU to make sure your names, companies/organizations/schools and small teams are all properly spelled and capitalized in the right places (that means Only Initial Letters Are Capitalized– never ALL CAPS) . The place to check this is in our Galleries.

If there’s an error, send us an email and we’ll get it fixed.

Finalists will get a PDF Certificate asap. Winners come first, and printed, framed certificates will be handed out at the Winners Celebration to those winners in attendance.

The Celebration will be great fun this year, with awards handed out, brief speeches, maybe a keynote and live music. You’re all invited!

It will be Friday, January 11 at our favorite spot, the Autodesk Design Gallery, One Market Street, San Francisco, California.

Be There Or Be Square!