Spark is about to hop around the world to show off the winners of the Spark Awards. The
exhibition is hosted by the very first Hebei Design Week, in the Xiongan New Area near Beijing.
From October 18-21 Spark will show off over 100 designs ranging from 2018 to 2011. Work is
being featured from Anvil Studios to Whipsaw Inc. and includes the stunning new pieces from
Nest and Google. Sponsors include SIDA and local economic development agencies.

If you plan on visiting the show, make sure to stop by our stand and chat. And if you can’t make it,
we’ll be exhibiting at the Shenzhen Design Week, November 5–7. For info about these fairs and
many others, check out the Spark Calendar:

All Best!

BTW– Here’s the latest Spark Newsletter with more details:

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