Photo Courtesy Fuorisalone

The Milan Design Week and the Salone del Mobile are underway, the skies are blue and the sun (and exhibits) are hot. Well– the exhibits are, and the weather is deliciously warm and balmy.

We’ve been on a whirlwind pre-opening and opening tour of the Brera, Tortona and Sant’Ambrogio districts and our favorite stop, always the Triennelle.

Interesting meets were held with head of Dassault Experience Design, Anne Asensio, Luisa Bocchietto, President of the World Design Organization, Paulo Albina of the Fodazione Franco Albini (look him up!) and the great lighting maestro, Carlo Guglielmi, with his new house, Firmamento.

Our hosts for the week are Paolo and Gianni of the famous lighting firm, CastagnaRavelli, later joined by Professor Jozef LeGrand, University der  Kunst und Design, Berlin, another esteemed lighting designer.

It’s always difficult to sort out the barrage of design, culture, art and spectacular sights during these weeks, and it’s very helpful to have guidance from patient friends. So, next up, we leave the city cobblestones and head up to the Salone furniture show, held at the vast fairground of Rho.

We’ll initially focus on the Salone Satellite pavilion, dedicated to designers under 35 just breaking into this complicated eco-system. We look for work that would be competitive in the Spark Awards. Here, we see Sparks!

Ciao from Sunny Lombardy!