Legacy and New Awards Announced
Over the last three months Spark has been exploring several exciting new design awards, with our current and alumni jurors, advisory boards and the design community at large. We also took the opportunity to look at the array of our traditional awards, with the goal of staying relevant and focused on the needs and interests of all designers.

Main takeaways—We will be dropping MAKR and Proto as individual awards and subsume them into Concept Design. We’ll be dropping Communication Design, splitting it into Graphic & Print Design and Digital Design (including UX, UI, IXO & HCII). We will be adding Package Design, Civic Innovation & Design and Engineering Innovation & Design awards. Our Social Cause award will no longer stand alone… It’s becoming  an optional subject of every award/discipline at Spark. Design Strategy & Process will also be a call-out for all categories. In the future it may be stand-alone too. We’ll also add a “Special Mention” to all categories for Presentation Excellence. It could honor a winner or a non-winner.

We hope you find something intriguing in these 12 design areas and look forward to seeing your ideas exemplified in them.

Things are moving very quickly, as our recent visit to CES clearly demonstrated. Whatever your destination, Spark will be there too. Let’s get going!

Spark Award 2018 Lineup:
1-Product Design (Spring & Fall)
2-Spaces Design
3-Concept Design (Spring & Winter)
4-Transport Design
5-WEAR Design
6-Graphic & Print Design
7-Packaging Design
8-Civic Innovation & Design
9-Digital Design
10-Engineering Innovation & Design
11- Health, Medical & Universal Design
12- Experience & Service Design (no longer including UX, UI, IXO & HCII, which are now found in Digital)