Hi All—we’re looking to get the word out about our #AccessibleOlli Design Challenge. We are co-creating a self-driving, cognitive​ micro transit vehicle that is easy for older people and those with disabilities to use.

Perhaps you are a designer that would like to help this community (with an entry during work or after hours)? Perhaps you are interested in how IoT and new accessible technologies are poised to help this large market, redefine our future interfaces in vehicles or the built environment? Perhaps ​you might know some talented students that might have interest in this challenge? Either way, I hope you will consider helping this effort in some way.

There are a variety of tracks to this challenge. Industrial designers might want to leverage their imagination to rethink how wheelchairs are accommodated in a vehicle with no driver? Or consider how walkers, (sight) service dogs, or even packages are stored about the small vehicle?

More of a UX designer, we have Challenges for you too!!​ Help create solutions for people with sight impairment, hearing impairment, or any other cognitive disability​. Designs to accommodate these impairments may influence a new interior or exterior design.​

​Another area to apply one’s innovation might be to design a solution that leverages IBM’s Watson technology, perhaps to enable a rider with (cognitive) Alzheimer’s to remember why they are on the bus in the first place?

Whether a participant in this challenge creates a visual rendering, storyboards outlining their ideas, or code illustrating your solution / idea​, this is a community that can really use our imagination to exploit all of our amazing new technology to improve their lives.

Please join this exciting challenge, be a part of the disruption in the automotive industry​ or help us find designers and people with lots of imagination who will!​

THX – Dan

Here’s the Link to #AccessibleOlli Challenge: https://launchforth.io/localmotors/autonomous-for-all-of-us/brief/